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Previous instruments

Parlor classic 632 MM fret scale. Maple neck and body, spruce top, digitally cut rosewood fret board, rosewood bridge. Denver, Colorado shop.


6 string Mountain Dulcimer - Honduran mahogany sides, back and top, Okume peg box, digitally cut walnut diatonic fret board with hollow sound chamber. "Snowflake" Roses and Pegbox CNC carved. Port Richey, FL shop.


Strat with bolt on neck - Maple neck and body, Rosewood compound radius fret board. Left handed neck on righty body strung righty. Dimarzio High impeadance pickups - neck and middle, Semour Duncan hot rails lead pickup (coil tapped / single coil / humbucker). St Pete Shop.


Strat neck - CNC cut. The head has a 13 degree angle from the board, similar to a Gibson. The machine holes were drilled with helical drilling and the neck was CNC carved. St Pete shop.


Torres 650 MM Classic; in the white - Maple sides and back, Maple neck, Spruce top, Rosewood Board. CNC cut head, Locking dovetail neck joint. Digitally cut fret board. Denver, Colorado shop.

torres (1).jpg

Parlor cutaway classics; in the white. Maple sides and backs, spruce and redwood tops, walnut fret boards and head caps. Digitally cut fret boards. Denver, Colorado shop.


I welded this steel neck setting machine together. Tarpon Springs, FL shop.


CNC cut head and neck - Tarpon Springs, FL shop.


Parlor Classics 632MM - All maple. Phenix, Alabama shop.


Early bending molds - Columbus, Georgia shop.


Walnut classic cutaway - gluing a bridge on. Clearwater, FL shop.


'94 - Clearwater, FL shop

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