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CNC Machinery

Mini CNC machine -  this (24" x 48") mini has 3 and 4  axis controller - Larger stepper motors, Leadshine drives, Delta inverter, 20mm glides, all ball screw drive. Ethernet  Mach3 controller. It has a steel base with a cast iron table clad w aluminum T-slot. The gantry, gantry supports and Z plates are cast machined aluminum. Here it is set up as a  three axis machine.


With this same CNC machine we have taken advantage of the fourth axis controller and added an 80MM CNC lathe rotator for true four axis work. Mach3.


This is another 3 axis (24" x 36") CNC mini from Alpha CNC with a 3/4 axis controller. This mini has a 3 horse water cooled Real HQD spindle and a coolant attachment for non-ferrous metals. Ethernet Mach3 controller, Yako drivers, Fuling inverter, Stepper motors, 20mm Glides, all ball screw drive. This benchtop router has a steel base, a cast iron table, cast and machined aluminun gantry, gantry supports and Z plates.


This is our Alpha 2040. 2 meters x 4 meters or 86 sq ft CNC Machine. Digital Yaskawa servos with brakes. 8:1 planetary reducers, FC WA60 all digital Windows based PLC controller, Digital Yaskawa drivers, 35mm glides, helical rack and pinion drive, 10 tool linear tool changer, 12 horse HSD ES951 ATC spindle, FAM 5/4 drill head, coolant attachment for non-ferrous metals. Two 300CFM / 28HG vacuum pumps. Solid brass vacuum control valves, Hydraulic index pins, on board vacuum control switch. 3 tons of welded, heat tempered and 5 axis custom milled frame with a one ton gantry. 6 zone Phenolic vacuum table.

Our 1998 Tool Tech CNC
Custom made Tool Tech. Larken fully interpolated [linear, circular and helically interpolated] 3/4 axis controller  with a "true" 3d touch probe
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